Minutes of Past Meetings

2009-2010 Minutes
ASAA 2010 Business Meeting Notes,

Conway, AR 11/12/2010

1. Old business — Nope, none, zilch, nada
2. New Business
a. Election of Officers
i. Brian Campbell (UCA Anthropology / Sociology) now Secretary-Treasurer and is nominated to VP and that was confirmed with a show of hands

ii. Lynne Rich (UCA Sociology) was nominated to become Sec-Treasurer and was confirmed with a show of hands (despite her absence), with B Campbell assuring the group that she was in fact interested in the position.

b. Theme – Next Year’s Theme

i. This is the honor and responsibility of the VP and Pres

c. ASAA Next Fall 2011 – in collaboration with the Mid-South Sociological Association (MSSA)

i. There was some discussion of looking into this later with votes, but it was revealed that Ally Vetter, ASAA President, has confirmed our collaboration with MSSA for the Fall 2011 meetings. This will be arranged by the VP in collaboration with the Pres and MSSA.

d. Undergraduate Symposium

i. Discussion of past hosts revealed that it was Hendrix’s turn in the cycle and Stella Capek said that they would be glad to host it.

e. Committee for the ASAA Website

i. Student Sociology Clubs at various institutions could manage it,…We will recruit students in AKD (“contract their labor”) to manage the website.

ii. But because student labor is too transient, an ASAA archivist (a professor from one of the participating institutions) will be in charge at all times.

iii. The website committee consists of Doug George, Ed Powers, Janet Wilson, and David Briscoe

iv. Students can receive independent study credit to do content analyses of the archives, to reveal the history of the organization (ASAA).

v. We have sufficient funds for the website [though honestly the funds took a hit after that blowout party at Mike’s place, but should still suffice].

f. Request abstracts for Undergraduate Symposium

i. There was a comment on the need to request abstracts for the Undergrad Symposium at Hendrix.

g. [The Reception at Mike’s Place was a huge success, with much fun, food and beverage had by almost all. We enjoyed the wonderful company of the Vetters!]