Minutes of 2011 Business Meeting

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2011 Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association Meeting

41st Annual Conference

Heifer International Ranch

November 11, 2011 

Minutes of the ASAA Business Meeting

President Doug George called to order the 41st annual business meeting of the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association Society at approximately 4:00pm, November 11, 2011, in the meeting room on Heifer Ranch.

Doug George proposed and motioned for the separation of the secretary and treasurer positions.  Lynne Rich second the motion, none were opposed.

The membership discussed, nominated, and agreed to appoint the following list of members to be ASAA officers for 2012.

President  Brian Campbell

Vice President Eric Bowne

Secretary Lynne Rich

Treasurer Doug George 

A discussion regarding the spring 2012 undergraduate symposium took place.  UALR will be hosting the 2012 ASAA Undergraduate Symposium. 

Stella Capek proposed the idea of a recorded history of ASAA. John Toth suggested an intern to scan documents.   

Kinko Ito asked permission to put photographs taken at the conference on Facebook, none opposed. 

Many thanks were offered to Heifer Ranch for a wonderful conference location.  At approximately 4:30pm ASAA’s business meeting was adjourned and the conference ended.