Constitution & Bylaws


ARTICLE I. Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association.

Section 2: Purpose

The purpose of the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association shall be to promote the highest level of education in sociology and anthropology in the state of Arkansas and to further the knowledge of the discipline by:

a. Keeping Members abreast of current developments in the filed of sociology and anthropology through meetings, professional contacts, reports, discussions, and publications; and
b. Identifying educational needs and their solutions; and improving communications between schools within the state; and
c. Providing guidelines for teaching standards and professional ethics; and
d. Identifying career possibilities for graduates of sociology and anthropology; and
e. Promoting research activities in sociology and anthropology and improving research methods and conditions

Article II. Membership

All those who teach sociology, social studies, anthropology, and /or related subjects at the high school level, and all students and teachers of sociology, anthropology and related subjects at institutions of higher learning, and those engaged in applied fields of sociology and anthropology within the state of Arkansas are eligible for membership. The membership is divided into several classes. Which require dues as specified in Article VI.

Section 1. Individual Membership

Individuals desiring membership must apply for one of the following classes, and pay the designated dues:
a. Regular Member—for teachers and other professional practitioners of sociology, anthropology, and related fields.
b. Student Member—for students regularly enrolled in the study of sociology, anthropology and related fields.
c. Emeritus Member—for former regular members who are retired.

Section 2. Organizational Membership

Colleges, universities, and business organizations may apply for membership as Institutional Members. This membership is primarily intended as a vehicle for the support of the disciplines represented in this association, but also provides that the organizations may publicly represent itself as a member and supporter of the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association.

Section 3. Rights and Responsibilities of Members

On payment of the appropriate dues (or application, in the case of Emeritus Members) members have the right to receive the mailings of the Association, including notices of the annual meeting, The Social Exchange, and such other communications as may be issued. Members also have the obligation to keep the Association informed of their correct addresss.

In addition, individual members also have the right to vote in the election of officers and on other issues, provided they attend the annual business meetings of the Association where such voting is conducted. Individual members also have the right to e nominated for office in the Association, and to serve if elected.

ARTICLE III. Officers, Term of office, and Duties

The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Public Relations Officer, an Archivist, and a Parliamentarian. Officers shall be elected by the membership with the exception of the President, who shall succeed to that position from the elected position of Vice President.

The Officers of Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer shall serve a two year term dating from the end of the annual meeting in which they are elected. Other officers shall serve a term of one year, dating from the end of the annual meeting through the next annual meeting.

Section 1. President

The President of the Association shall:

a. preside at all Association meetings; and
b. with aid from the Vice President, the Secretary and Treasurer, prepare the agenda for the annual meeting; and
c. will appoint replacements to complete the term of anyone who leaves office during their term. Such appointments will run until the next annual meeting; and
d. performs all other duties of a presiding officer; and
e. chair the Nominations Committee upon completing tenure as President.

Section 2. Vice President

The Vice President of the Association shall:

a. serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President; and
b. work closely with the President in promoting the best interest of the Association; and
c. prepare or be responsible for the program for the annual meeting; and
d. hold the office of President-Elect and succeed to the Presidency upon completing the term as Vice President

Section 3. Secretary

The Secretary of the Association shall:

a. take minutes of both business sessions at the annual meeting and keep all non-financial records of the Association; and
b. provide copies of the minutes to the incoming secretary, the Social Exchange editor, the President of the Association, and to the Archivist; and
c. work with the President and the Vice President in preparing the agenda for the annual meeting; and
d. perform all the usual duties of secretary of the association.

Section 4. Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Association shall:

a. be in charge of registration and collection of the registration fees and membership dues at the annual meeting; and
a. keep all financial records and pass these on to the succeeding Treasurer; and
b. chair the Membership Committee, maintaining membership rosters and facilitating enrollment; and
c. facilitate the collection of Institutional membership of the Association.

Section 5. Public Relations and Social Exchange Editor

The Public Relations Officer of the Association shall:

a. assume responsibility for sending out the correspondence necessary for keeping Association members abreast of pertinent news; and
b. make appropriate announcements through the media regarding relevant news about the Association; and
c. publish The Social Exchange at least twice a year, April 1 and September 1 of each year and other times as necessary.

Section 6. Parliamentarian

The Parliamentarian of the Association shall:

a. assist the President in any situations regarding parliamentary procedure; and
b. bring copies of the Constitution to distribute to members at the annual meetings.

Section 7. Archivist

The Archivist of the Association shall maintain the archives.

Section 8. Nominations

The immediate past President shall chair the Nominations Committee, which shall be comprised of the current President, and two additional members who were elected to the committee the preceding year. The Nominations Committee shall place in nomination the names of persons for election to positions of the Association.

ARTICLE IV. Annual Meeting: Time and Place

The members of the Association shall decide upon the time and place of the annual meeting by a majority vote.


A quorum shall consist of 10% of the registered members attending the preceding annual meeting.

ARTICLE VI. Finances

The affairs and meetings of the Association shall be financed by dues and fees assessed annually.

Section 1. Dues

The several classes of members shall pay dues according to the following schedule:

a. Regular Members $10.00
b. Graduate Students $ 3.00
c. Undergraduate Students $1.00
d. Emeritus Members None
e. Institutional Members $20.00

Dues shall be payable at or before each annual meeting, to cover the period of approximately one year from one meeting to the next. Dues expire at the beginning of each annual meeting.

ARTICLE VII. Constitutional Revision

If a quorum is president, this constitution may be revised at any annual meeting by a majority vote of the members in attendance.


Members shall be informed of nominations by the Nominations Committee prior to the annual meeting, at which time members may place names in nomination from the floor. The election may be by ballot or orally at the annual program meeting.