2008-2009 Minutes

2009 Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association Meeting

39th Annual Conference

Henderson State University

Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Friday, November 20, 2009

Minutes of the ASAA Business Meeting

President John King called to order the 39th annual business meeting of the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Society at 10:00 a.m., November 20, 2009, on the campus of Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

The membership discussed, nominated, and agreed to appoint the following list of members to be ASAA officers for 2010:

President Dr. Allison Vetter, Henderson State University

Vice President/ Dr. Douglas George, University of Central Arkansas

President Elect

Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Brian Campbell, University of Central Arkansas

Archivist Dr. Edward Powers, University of Central Arkansas

Social Exchange Editor Dr. Allison Vetter, Henderson State University

The Secretary/Treasurer estimated that the ASAA currently had $758 in its bank account.

The first topic of discussion was ASAA’s Presidential Award. Stella Capek suggested that we more keenly focus on this award and initiate a process whereby a list of potential recipients is generated and considered more often – possibly annually. John King, John Toth and Allison Vetter discussed who was on the nominating committee for the award, stating that they believe the nominating committee consists of the president and the two most recent past presidents. Kinko Ito, ASAA’s 2009 president, was reported to have all the information generated in last year’s discussion of the nomination and presentation of the award. Rex Enoch, Manager of Adult Education Programs in Little Rock, Arkansas, was the recipient of the Presidential Award in 2009. No action was taken.

The membership reminded itself (as it does every year, ahem?) of the importance of setting meeting dates for the Undergraduate Symposium and the ASAA Annual Meeting in a timely manner.

A discussion of a meeting place for the undergraduate symposium in Spring 2010 took place. The symposium place rotates on an informal basis between the universities of the membership and according to our best recollection, it was either Hendrix or Henderson State’s turn to host. Doc Gibson and Allison Vetter volunteered and agreed to host the 2010 Symposium at Henderson State in the Spring.

The next topic of discussion was next year’s ASAA annual conference. John Toth reminded us that next year would be ASAA’s 40th anniversary and that ASAA is one of the few state organizations that has remained in existence continuously for that long. A general agreement was reached that we should mark the occasion with a bit more celebration and fanfare than we usually devote to the annual meetings. John Toth suggested that we notify ASA of the anniversary to generate interest. Stella Capek noted that we might try to coordinate with the Mid-South Sociological Association for a joint conference. The Mid-South might convene in Arkansas, making a joint meeting possible. Others mentioned that since it was ASAA’s 40th, a joint conference might take some of the focus away from ASAA. Stella mentioned she would be willing to reconstruct a history of ASAA for next year’s conference. Cost of next year’s conference was discussed and the possibility of implementing institution memberships and other sponsorships to defray the cost of the conference was mentioned. No action was taken.

Members of UCA’s department mentioned that they were contemplating developing a regional online, peer-reviewed journal for undergraduate research. It was noted that a need for such a publication seems evident and that the expenses of an online journal could be kept to a minimum. Members of the UCA department would look into the possibility of placing the journal on the department’s web page. While the journal’s site might be located on UCA’s web page, some suggested the journal could work under the auspices of ASAA and the journal’s editor could be any member of the organization. Others suggested that, if a journal was created, submissions should not be limited to undergraduates and that this might be a good place to publish articles co-authored by students and their professors. UCA’s sociology department was charged with looking into the feasibility of such a project and reporting back to the membership at a future date.

The memberships offered a hardy thanks to the Henderson State Department of Sociology and Human Services for organizing and hosting ASAA’s annual meeting. Congratulations were also offered to Joyce Shepherd for completing here Ph.D. A short business meeting was conducting in the afternoon, wherein the slate of officers was approved. At 4:19 p.m. ASAA’s business meeting was adjourned and the conference ended. Adios amigos.