2005-2006 Minutes

2006 Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association

Annual Conference and Research Presentations

University of Arkansas – Monticello

Friday, November 3, 2006


President John Toth convened the 36th annual meeting of the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Society at 10 a.m., November 3, 2006 on the campus of the University of Arkansas-Monticello in Monticello, Arkansas. John noted that the ASAA was one of the few state associations still in existence in the United States and this was a significant accomplishment, considering the ASAA’s 36 years of service to the membership’s universities, communities, and state.

John welcomed all conference attendees and thanked Dorothy Everts, ASAA vice-president, for her work in organizing the meeting, as well as her negotiating UAM’s sponsorship of the conference.

The first issue brought before the membership concerned the possibility of expanding the ASAA annual conference to two days. John Toth suggested that a two day conference would allow more time for both the presentation of research papers and social events. John King said that the ASAA conducted 2 day meetings in the past, and suggested that if we adopted such a proposal, it would take more money and it might be wise to hold the meetings in a central location in the state. James Cassel suggested that a two day conference might enable us to combine the undergraduate symposium with the ASAA conference proceedings. Stella Capek said that in the past the two conferences were kept separate to give the ASAA its own time and place outside of commitments associated with the undergraduate symposium. John Toth thought a “corporate” tax on each institution would more than cover the association’s expenses for a two day conference. The proposal was tabled for future consideration.

A question was raised about the possibility of resurrecting the association’s Presidential Award. Ed Powers, ASAA archivist, noted that the archives are not that well organized. He referred to one folder, but stated that he has yet to look through the archives box to further investigate the association’s past approach to bestowing the award. Ed mentioned he would continue looking in the archives and report to the membership later.

The next order of business involved the question of how we might bolster ASAA membership. It was said that membership trends among the state’s universities seems to cycle. John Toth stated that we might think about advertising the Spring undergraduate symposium more extensively as a means to attract more members. Ed reminded us that he has recently acquired web space for the association and that we might use this medium as a way to advertise the association and its events.

We briefly discussed potential locations for the Spring 2007 undergraduate symposium. UALR was mentioned as a likely site, but that we would have to confer with UALR to inquire into this possibility. George Jordon, president of the UAPB sociology club, invited the ASAA to hold its conference meeting at UAPB at some future date.

The morning meeting was adjourned and set to reconvene after paper presentations that afternoon. After reconvening in the afternoon, the membership decided that the nomination of a vice-president should be postponed until the nomination committee could find the proper candidate. No other business was brought before the group and the meeting was adjourned.