2004-2005 Minutes

ASAA Business Meeting

October 21, 2005

Hendrix College

Conway, AR

The business meeting was called to order by President Allison Vetter at 10:08a.m.

The 2006 ASAA officer slate of Dorothy Everts, U. of A. Monticello – Vice-President, John King, U. of A. Fayetteville – Treasurer, Doug George, UCA – Secretary, Ed Powers, UCA – Archivist, James Cassell, UALR – Parliamentarian, Allison Vetter, UCA – Social Exchange Editor, was nominated and approved.

We discussed the site for next year’s ASAA meeting. Dorothy Everts volunteered U. of A. – Monticello to host the meeting.


Issues related to the ASAA Undergraduate Symposium were discussed. John King estimated that ASAA had $430 in its account. Janet Wilson, UCA proposed that UCA host the symposium in Spring 2006 and all agreed. Ms. Wilson then asked how much ASAA money could be devoted to the conference. It was decided that the ASAA would contribute $100.

Stella Capek, Hendrix asked about the ASAA web site and inquired about the possibility of updating the site. The Web site has been maintained by a graduate student at UALR. Since the archives are at UALR, some members suggested that maintaining the web site at UALR makes sense.

Ms. Capek also asked about the status of the Presidential Award, and if it was feasible to revive the award. Ed Powers agreed to look in the Archives to research the history of the award, as a means consider its revival. This discussion was tabled.

John Toth, Hendrix moved to adjourn the meeting, it was voted on, passed. The meeting was adjourned and 10:21a.m.



Douglas George, ASAA secretary